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  • What is the procedure for personal effects?

  • What are the goods that require import licence prior to importation?

  • What are the duty rates for motor vehicles?

  • What are the Rules of Origin Criteria?

    • Goods must be wholly produced within the Common Market
    • Produced using materials imported from outside the Common Market or of undetermined origin in such a manner that the article fails to be classified in a tariff heading different from that in which any of those materials is classified, in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the Annex to the Treaty establishing the Caribbean Community;
    • Produced in accordance with the conditions specified for that article in the List referred to in Article 14 of the Annex to the Treaty establishing the Caribbean Community and set out in Schedule II thereto.

Problems Logging in to ASYCUDAWorld?

Please follow the checklist below and make sure your system is working properly.

1. You may need to clear your SOclass cache

2. Or clear your JAVA Cache.  Doing these two tasks may get rid of most of your connection problems.

3. Is your Java Updated? 

To see if your JAVA is updated, click on Control Panel-Double Click on JAVA icon-Click on JAVA tab, then VIEW . The JAVA versions installed will be listed. Your version should be JAVA 6 Version 17 which will show as 1.6.0_17.

Click O.K, then click the Update Tab, then Update Now.  Some systems have more than one versions of JAVA installed. This may be required on your system. But it may also conflict with ASYCUDAWorld. You can disable the other versions by unchecking the 'enable' box next to it in the VIEW tab.

4. Connectivity

Ensure that your Internet connection is on.

5. Firewalls

Some Corporations have Firewalls controlling access to and from their network. Please make sure that this is not preventing you from accessing ASYCUDAWorld. Home systems may also have Firewalls installed. Ensure access to network is allowed.

6. System is slow

First login to ASYCUDA may be slow but subsequent logins are fast. Users may need to update their system memory to work faster. Some older systems like Windows 2000 require Service Pack 4. Failure to update these systems will result in very poor performance.

7. Access ASYCUDAWorld only through the launch icon on the website. This will ensure that the right link is used and prevent misspelling.

8. Wrong Username and Password?

Please verify that your username or passwords are spelled correctly.

9. Forgot your password?


Manifests for ships must be stored on the system 24 hours before the arrival of ship. Manifests for aircrafts including couriers must be stored on the system 30 minutes before the arrival of the aircraft.  Manifests for vehicles must be stored on the system 30 minutes before the arrival of the vehicle.

Manifests for ships must be registered on the system upon arrival of the ship.   Manifests for aircraft including couriers must be registered upon arrival of the aircraft. Manifests for vehicles must be registered upon arrival of the vehicle.

Cargo on the manifest must be indicated as:

a)      Imports

b)      Transhipment cargo;

c)      Transit cargo; or

d)     Re-importation.

All Cargo Consolidation Agents must degroup bills of lading/air waybills within 24 hours after all cargo has been off-loaded.

Manifests Amendments

-          After tallying the cargo, the Terminal Operator shall connect to ASYCUDA World to register shortage/excess (if any).

-          In case of Shortage/Excess, the Carrier or Carrier’s Agent must justify to Customs the reasons for such occurrence. Carrier or Carrier’s Agent must provide written justification for shortage/excess to the Comptroller of Customs.

-          All justifications must be done within 72 hours after off-loading the cargo. Carrier submitting justifications later than the stipulated time, would be liable to penalties.





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